Bless This Bliss - EP

by Ange Stella

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a collection of songs that have sitting around for way too long that deal with friends, parents, love, heartbreak, acceptance, reality, and awareness.

recorded and mastered in a day at studio joe (lounge room).

12 / 10 / 2015


released October 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Ange Stella Melbourne, Australia

Music to listen to when you have literally no idea what else to do.

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Track Name: Bless This Bliss
trickling water by a fireside
is a dream devoted to a man that lives this cry
caught below in the chain of undying lights
you’ll soon wake up to this never ending night

you wanna walk down to the waterside
you wanna dip your feet; stand by the shore
you wanna turn back to the man you once
yelt you had been before

forests blazing for the company man
ice caps melting but its global cooling
it seems the ones we choose to take control of this land
should be the ones taking notes and receiving a helping hand

you wanna shake them until their head is void
of contradictory statements and arguments
but nothing will come of this, of that I am sure
just an acceptance of a war

greed and hunger may be riddle this life
the rising death toll struggles to sound right
but once you let this cloud fall over you
you leave no space for the sun to break through

you wanna spread your love all around the world
hold hands together and sing in harmony
we are special and pretty and quite lovely
we are an act no-ones been before
Track Name: Home; Alone.
the list of things to complete;
the watered down beer and tv;
in a language you can’t speak

the sun reflects off metal skies;
where the suit is life and demise;
the endless act of rolling eyes

in a room where she will lay;
one day still and unafraid;
you will fall but you won’t stay.

cause what is life if you can’t choose;
who is right to be abused?
who is right to be with you?

ruined songs and worn out books;
dusty journals that you mistook;
to be read aloud.

with all her secrets laid out front;
as a gift that she still does;
want you to keep.

no matter how hard you try to fall in love, it will not;
be the same.

cause once that box is ticked; you’ll see your growing list; and how is that

watercolours in her eyes;
dust and gravel on your mind;
the road is not as picturesque- as you would think;
cause if it was you’d be the one
playing to another song
on the bridge where you got drunk
with the family that was once.
but now you’re home; alone

home is not where you have known;
now a street closer to what;
you have tried to avoid.

a bed for two, a heart for one.
a broken love; a sinking sun.
a cloud of smoke soon to be loved.

loveless nights of drawn out fun;
hardly remembered through all the fog;
through all the thoughts.

a promise you once had kept
to yourself and all your friends;
proves lost and dead.

no matter how hard you try to stay on track, you stray far
from the route you could be on

but who am I, to tell you what is life and what is right,
i'm just a dying light

sticks placed upright in the sand,
shells picked and kept to represent
an isle that she’s been dreaming of; and she was close.
instead she’s changing her whole life
moving town, and greeting the night
in a house with whom she thought would change for her
but now they’re home; alone.

a blank white sheet is definite;
a painted mind is no accident;
a life spent through mistaken eyes;
is a life spent proving your own lies.
Track Name: Spin / Kingdom
the trumpet has blown so we are finding out
the rock a bye horse sways with the moon
all the emblems you proudly display on your mantle
resonate with the loneliness of the room

so let me pull your face to the mirror
don't let the glass fog up on my account
stand back, relax, retrace your steps
because without you i wouldn't exist

i know the world has changed since you were king
now it's hard to recover from the constant spinning
theres less time in the day; theres less time to say what you need
but while you're stuck in your daze, the world continues to amaze me

so take a moment the notice the feeling
of waking up in your castle
so let the record play and sing

the grounds not falling in
the seas not drowning
so let the record spin

the trumpet has blown so now you've found out.
Track Name: Tell Tale Hand
i wanna be 60 feet tall
and gently caress the treetops
i wanna sing a sweet lullaby to all the passer by
to all the kites

i wanna live under the sea
and surround myself with beauty
i'd love to try to catch a wave
but the excuse will always be the same

mount saturn rises; mount jupiter falls
along with mount mercury; mount apollo
theres no will; theres no thought; theres no conscious struggle
just the hope and belief i'll keep myself full

i wanna live on a train
and be happy watching the terrain
grow in colour and grow as if
it will never ever cease to exist

and i'd talk to the people near by
not with my words, just with my eyes
i'd ask them all the same question
"where are you going? what has happened?"

has the moon and the stars aligned with mars?
is the line of your heart just not big enough?
does fullness and length really give power?
does confidence and strength really matter at all?

is a ladder a ladder if you can't bear to stand?
"you can climb all you like kid, you're not gonna make it"
or are these all just signs of the tell tale hand?
a figment of truth you'd like to exist?
Track Name: That's Alright (Fleetwood Mac)
meet me down by the railway station
i've been waiting
i'm through waiting for you
the train sings the same kind of blues

i don't know why i always trusted
sometimes i think that i must have
i must have been crazy
crazy to wait on you, baby

turned around and got pushed down, baby
now I decided yesterday that I would leave you
i'm alright

please, i've been taking my time
you know, it's been on my mind
i hope you find a love
your own designs of love
that's alright

i believe, I believe that I know you
but it's been a long time
now I've got to show you, that I
well, I never did believe in time
you're not changing anybody's mind

now, i can't define love like it should be
that's alright
it's alright

please, i've been taking my time
you know, it's been on my mind
i hope you find the love
your own designs of love
cause that's alright
Track Name: Sink Deep! (Sink Deep! Sink Deep!)
i never thought I’d ever feel this way
i held the compass within the map
i walk shoeless across the grassy fields
and sit beneath the cracks

i see the sun it’s shining through to me
illuminating everything within
like all the questions about where I’ll be
in 5 minutes or 15 years

i stop and stare at the obvious
the burnt orange and yellow hues
where once a picnic blanket lay
with me and only you

i cannot remember everything
only the profound feeling of joy
of reading words that felt true to me
in a moment that felt so sure

it’s all too easy to get caught within
i mean you gotta put yourself first
but how would it be to find out all your worth
and to disagree on principle

and now I stand without a c
i now stand without an e
i stand without an ampersand between you and me

calling bluffs and reminding sequences
of black and white film
of that time when we stood free
by the open sea

and I held you as the waves remained
relentless but seemingly still
it was a grip I thought could never fail
i guess that’s still how it feels

cause I still remember the taste of salt
we’d drew from each other’s lips
and the way we fell
deeper within the rift

well maybe that was the problem
we have love, but are we martyrs?
if one of us is destined to drown
we must accept the fate of the other

and we’d watch the flailing arms of our love
sink deep, sink deep, sink deep
and maybe just maybe, just maybe
we would be relieved

and now I stand without the sea
i now stand without any
i stand without an ampersand between you and me