Sink Deep! (Sink Deep! Sink Deep​!​)

from by Ange Stella

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i was once given 3 wooden letters - "a & c". the "a" now stands alone. this song is about those 3 wooden letters, and about the journey they have taken over the past 9 months. this song is about accepting that you literally have no idea whats going to happen in the future; but thats alright.


i never thought I’d ever feel this way
i held the compass within the map
i walk shoeless across the grassy fields
and sit beneath the cracks

i see the sun it’s shining through to me
illuminating everything within
like all the questions about where I’ll be
in 5 minutes or 15 years

i stop and stare at the obvious
the burnt orange and yellow hues
where once a picnic blanket lay
with me and only you

i cannot remember everything
only the profound feeling of joy
of reading words that felt true to me
in a moment that felt so sure

it’s all too easy to get caught within
i mean you gotta put yourself first
but how would it be to find out all your worth
and to disagree on principle

and now I stand without a c
i now stand without an e
i stand without an ampersand between you and me

calling bluffs and reminding sequences
of black and white film
of that time when we stood free
by the open sea

and I held you as the waves remained
relentless but seemingly still
it was a grip I thought could never fail
i guess that’s still how it feels

cause I still remember the taste of salt
we’d drew from each other’s lips
and the way we fell
deeper within the rift

well maybe that was the problem
we have love, but are we martyrs?
if one of us is destined to drown
we must accept the fate of the other

and we’d watch the flailing arms of our love
sink deep, sink deep, sink deep
and maybe just maybe, just maybe
we would be relieved

and now I stand without the sea
i now stand without any
i stand without an ampersand between you and me


from Bless This Bliss - EP, released October 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Ange Stella Melbourne, Australia

Music to listen to when you have literally no idea what else to do.

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